I like to play with colors and lines and textures. Some artworks are available for purchased on Saatchi Art



Mixed Media Illustration in watercolor and digitally created textures. 

A study of water distortion, light reflection and refraction, complete with a koi fish. 

Medium: Mixed Media Print on satin canvas paper

Size: 15" x 15" 


Norma Jeane I concept illustration. 

Norma Jeane I 

Who do you see between the crevice of two dimensionality and three dimensionality; Norma Jeane or Marilyn Monroe? Using simple pencil sketches together with ink pen and digitally rendered texture, I posed the question as the basis for the upcoming Norma Jeane 3D printed series

Medium: Mixed Media Print on satin canvas paper

Size: 16" x 20" 




This illustration was done as a concept sketch for my very first 3D project. Let's just say that the project was - "okay" - and I'm more in love with this illustration than the 3D prototype. My process is very much about layering and incorporating different drawing techniques all blended into one.

Once, someone asked me why make it so complicated with all that watercolor, pencil sketch, and digital textures? Well, when I draw I try to emote through my artwork and connect with people on an emotional level. As far as I can tell, emotions are complex and fucked up to say the least, and I found layering to be the best method to channel that shitty side of me. 

Medium: Mixed Media Print on archival paper

Size: 16" x 20"