Salmagundi Annual Membership Exhibition 2017

Absolutely thrilled to have debuted my Motus in Motu, or emotion through motion 3D printed water and light installation in the prestigious Salmagundi Club's Annual Membership Exhibition, 2017! 

To read more about my creative process and inspiration for Motus in Motu, click here. I'm very proud to announce that I was the very first artist introducing 3D printed art here :)

Dacia Gallery Spiritus Lumine Exhibition

I'm honored to be selected as one out of ten finalists competing for Dacia Gallery Spiritus Lumine. My artwork Norma Jeane II will be exhibited in Dacia Gallery from June 14 - July 6, 2017.

If you have yet to make plans for Thursday, June 15, come join me at the Opening Reception and let's celebrate!

Dacia Gallery 

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 15, from 6-9pm

Exhibition date: June 14 - July 7, 2017

Address: 53 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

Tel:  (917) 727-9383

Norma Jeane II, Close up, 3D sculpted and printed in white vero. 5" x 7" 

Norma Jeane II, Close up side view, with hand drawn black ink line spotlighted onto the vero. 

To read about my inspiration and process, click here.

At Dacia Opening Reception 

Gallery owner Lee Vasu

Giving a quick talk of what my work is all about. Caught people discussion my work :P

Photo-ops with my friends Calvin and lovely Samara. 

Norma Jeane II 5" x 7" 3d Printed in white vero. 

Gazing into Norma Jeane or Marilyn Monroe. Discussing my concept with Suzanne and Troy. 

The show is as much about my artwork as Samara and my shoes :D