Possibilities In Impossibilities

What is the difference of being an artist v.s. a fashion designer? I’m sure if you ask 100 people you’ll get 100 different answers. For me, it’s the difference between seeing possibilities in impossibilities that sets an artist apart from a fashion designer.

Very often, we artists don’t really care much about creating the most beautiful thing as the standard of beauty shifts every decade or so. At least for me the impermanence of it is not worth the effort. Instead, I find myself more interested in exploring the idea of finding possibilities in impossibilities that drives the whole process of creative experimentation. If supposed beauty comes out of it, then yay but it’s secondary to the main purpose.

Take pa’Frida 3D printed Art Installation for instance. I’m not really trying to do yet another “pretty interpretation” about Frida Kahlo, as she’s been overdone in both fashion and art fields since forever ago. Instead, I want to explore the impossibility of Making An Icon then Breaking An Icon idea through the incorporation of her iconic status.

“She has become an icon not because she wanted to but because we made her so.” - Stella Chang

When she first visited New York City in the 50’s she hated Capitalism and the idea of excessive ownership that comes with it…I can only image her rolling around in her grave lamenting the fact that we’ve made her into an artistic/cultural/social/tragic/whatever-it-is-that-fits-your-agenda icon…until we are over her and then we break her…Just like what we did to Norma Jeane Baker.

So I want to make her and break her following the time-honored American tradition and below are my steps:




It’ll started with this one single concept illustration to flush out the idea.




Breaking down the idea into 3D printable structural parts


I’m thinking developing this into a floating & hanging life-size sculpture with - you guessed it - The Italian basso rivlievo technique. Stay Tuned.

Sculpting Frida Kahlo's hair in Zbrush.

Art is

Since this is an inaugural post of my blog, I've decided to share with you all what art means to me:

1. The best anger management tool. 

Ink was created when my flight to Seattle was cancelled and rebooking would have cut down my vacation by 4 days out of 7...Ugh! To top it off, my baggage still flew to Seattle despite my effort to file reclaim. Let's just said it took another 3 full days for me to receive my baggage. 

2. Art is where I can safely emote when real life and its inhabitants don't permit or accept the fact that I sometimes simply wish to tear my hair out. I can rage through colors and each brush stroke is a cathartic attempt to heal and find peace. 

Gelidas Vultus  from Impossible Beauty series 

3. Art is also where I record my observations of phenomenons, objects, and interactions between living beings. The good, the bad, and the weird I totally relate to but not always. 

4. Art is an extension of my thoughts, my ideas, and my dreams. 

5. Art is the life I've chosen for myself and it is not always beautiful. 

Pudgala from Conception of Self series 

6. Last but not least, art is the most productive method to negate insomnia.