Liking my art or liking me?

Is it me or there's a huge surge of artists on social media posting, not their art but themselves? Am I the only person who's dismayed by the social media induced me me me-ism that's also taking over the art world?

Don't get me wrong, artists have always been about themselves and their visions and unapologetically so. But through their artworks, creative process, and definitely not their selfies. 

State of Need, Mixed media printed on silver dibond, 2013

I don't know man, maybe it's because my entire childhood was technology-less, and only the latter half of my teenage years did cellphone and social media became everyday norm. I just don't compute how if art is an extension of yourself and your innermost thoughts, would you override that sentiment and post images of you and you and you? 

I get it if you open up a separate personal account and just post about your edited but fabulous life through closeup shots of desaturated scone and coffee mug, or if your focus of art is using your body and face to explore deeper meanings of whatever.

I get all of that but when I start to see artists glam-ing up as though they are one of those fashion influencers and bloggers, I just don't understand nor can I relate to that type of visual content that no longer carries artistic substance. 

State of Want, Mixed media printed on silver dibond, 2013

There was this artist who I used to admire on instagram and followed her art obsessively. The past 7 months I started to see her account flooded with images of her traveling, her taking tea, her going to fashion related events, and her posing with other quasi-celebrity somebodies. 

In her tight sequin rompers, her followers shot up by the thousands but where did her art go? 

Self branding/promotion through popular image is on the rise and definitely has its merit, but when it starts to override the real content of what you are trying to do as an artist, that's when I start to find my own petty jealousy not worth the effort. 

I suppose an unexpected dilemma of being an artist in this modern world is to be conscious of the type of images you are creating: content-driven or social media driven.