Creativity equals Problem Solving

Maybe it's just me but I find myself unleashing the most devastating (-_-) burst of creative energy when confronting with a problem. 

Some are expected while many others hit me like a curve ball out of the blue. To me the process of solving problem is very similar to creating something beautiful. In both cases, I'm dropped inside Pan's Labyrinth in pitch darkness, with nothing but my own wit and the many crazy friends in my head. Those friends of mine are no help at all since no one can see them but me. Grrrh. 

Case in point:

Problem 1: This is Modular, an experimental 3D printed crossbody Minaudière in ColorFabb NGEN Clear PETG, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol. It's a hard material to print and for some reasons I got 2 tiny burnt marks on the front panel. 

Solution to Problem 1: I tried hand sanding then buffing but the burnt marks are too deep, so I switched to model paint and painted it like I meant it. Yes, it's all "intentional" like we learned in art class 101. The modular bubble design is accented by swirly paint and quite honestly, I really like how this turns out especially now I can really see depth created by solid paint on opaque PETG. There's certain organic fluidity to the hard shell design. 


Problem 2: Similar to problem 1 but with dust ball trapped within layers of PETG. 

Problem 3: Two Tiny Potholes also found on back panel. They are just inconsistency in printing that happens all the time, as for the dust ball, I dug out as much as I could.

Solution to Problem 2: Paint, paint, paint your heart out so that front panel and back panel match. Unfortunately the dust ball and 2 potholes are pretty wide apart so I use the largest motif I can think of: Rose. 

Come to think of it, maybe the million dollar idea is to custom paint the back side for each customer. Ka-Ching! 


In conclusion, I think this Modular Minaudière turns out to be okay.