Art is

Since this is an inaugural post of my blog, I've decided to share with you all what art means to me:

1. The best anger management tool. 

Ink was created when my flight to Seattle was cancelled and rebooking would have cut down my vacation by 4 days out of 7...Ugh! To top it off, my baggage still flew to Seattle despite my effort to file reclaim. Let's just said it took another 3 full days for me to receive my baggage. 

2. Art is where I can safely emote when real life and its inhabitants don't permit or accept the fact that I sometimes simply wish to tear my hair out. I can rage through colors and each brush stroke is a cathartic attempt to heal and find peace. 

Gelidas Vultus  from Impossible Beauty series 

3. Art is also where I record my observations of phenomenons, objects, and interactions between living beings. The good, the bad, and the weird I totally relate to but not always. 

4. Art is an extension of my thoughts, my ideas, and my dreams. 

5. Art is the life I've chosen for myself and it is not always beautiful. 

Pudgala from Conception of Self series 

6. Last but not least, art is the most productive method to negate insomnia.